Blogging 2.0

Welcome Back!

My goal here is to write a 1,500 word article as quickly as possible.  *cough*

In all seriousness, the first blog post is incomplete, and this one will be also, unless I decide on conventions and finish scrubbing some edges around the post.  For example, I need to nail down permalink (what comes after .com!), be sure that I have featured images, add descriptions, create a logo, among one thousand other things to have something resembling not a basic template.

It also occurred to me that I took 25 screenshots of the process of purchasing the URL to creating my first post, so I thought to dump them below for visual aid reference.. For this exercise, I learned to print screen and crop the image directly in WordPress.

Print screen for the technologically challenged.


From here, I took random and useless pictures of creating a Gmail and GoDaddy account, but this one seemed interesting:

I had to search for GoDaddy $1 Web Hosting


Buying and Searching for the URL:

Success! Doing big things!


Here is what a GoDaddy order should look like, $1 hosting and free domain:

First year expenses down from ~$100 to ~$12.


Here is one showing a $1,000 valuation by GoDaddy 5 minutes after purchase.

Thanks for the confidence!


Here is a few screenshots of the simple, and streamlined process from GoDaddy to get started:

Click the Set up button!


Keep going!


Choose North America if you are nearby!


Write down your password.


This is not the hard part.


Pretty simple, no captions necessary here.  From here, I was able to view the C-Panel for the first time and question this decision:



Hopefully Economy Hosting was a good idea..


Logging into WordPress through the wp-admin:


A lot to change!


Choosing the Theme and writing the first article:

Verbosa, a nice and free theme.


Nice typewriter, I know.


Getting there!

What now?

As of now, a little over 24 hours later, the website is live on the internet, with two ill formatted posts, and mostly original template content.

In the next few hours, I’ll work to make sure everything is original and not template, so I will list here in no particular order all the things I need to fix, and fix them at the same time as writing them here.  Progress!

  •  Adding a featured photo for each post.  For simplicity and speed, I will download a couple of free photo’s from
    More, More!


  • Adding captions to every picture, because more .. words?

Already, the website is taking form!

Captions everywhere!

A new heading..

At this point of goofing around in the WordPress admin area of the website, I am aware the staggering amount of decisions to be made to create a functional space.  I realize that if I am the type of person that agonizes over details like color or the right words, it may grind the entire process and motivation to a halt.  While it is a good idea to retain some quality control in writing and experience choices, I recommend to myself to just make a decision quickly and go with it, until it causes a problem enough to warrant an edit later. Set it and forget it, maybe.  Onward!

Bang out an “about” page and delete the “sample page”.

Hmm.. something seems off..

Moving on.

Well, there is some semblance of an “about me” page, that will undoubtedly require correction in the future when the real purpose statement can be written.  At this point, I am thinking about Menu pages, or how the sitemap will respond.  Undoubtedly, I would like to write a complete “how-to niche” guide that can easily be found by first-time viewers, and perhaps a “resource” page to list dump some good resources around the web. It makes sense to call it “start here”, and “resources”, so let’s quickly cobble together some new pages.

Getting the bones together.

Great. More work to do.

Taking a break from words for a while, as you can see I am working late!  I suppose I will start on visual elements.  I do know that I would like to change the colors of the theme, to make it less “Verbosa-like”, and more feeling my original content.  However, I am basically color-stupid, blind to coordination and matching.  This is a job for a professional, for sure.  I tried tinkering around with the background color, it just ends up looking off-putting because there are more than one color on the screen, for example the orange for the menu.  That’s why a quick google can tell you the perfect color schemes hashed out by professionals.  I will just google that and come back with a three color scheme and give it a go.

Googling “professional color schemes in RGB”, I was met with this result (great for the resource folder..!)

All the colors.
Giving it a go.
Changing the colors in WordPress
No more Orange! Though, this one may be a failure. Try again later!


Going deep in left field, now.  I need some visual imagery!  Perhaps a logo?  I rather like the makeshift logo as-is, and have limited computer graphics skills.  There are numerous ways to get a logo, but I want one now!  I could hack together one on MS Paint, pay someone on Fiverr, or peruse some free logo sources.  Let’s do that!  (Sounds like a bad article for later.. how to design your logo information!!)  Let’s just Google free logo and choose an option on the front page and go with it.

So, I wasted about five minutes of my life creating a free logo on some website, only for it to be hi-jacked at the last minute and put behind a paywall. I will never get that time back, very deceptive advertising.  Thankfully, I found salvation in

This logo was hi-jacked by their nefarious paywall. Boo you!


Looks promising!


Choosing the first option every time!


Not bad for a minute of work.


Well guys, the website is complete garbage, the logo doesn’t fit the theme, my back hurts from being hunched over.  What is this life?

In all seriousness, not sure if this logo will prove worthwhile, or if I will use it here, so I will just dump it in the resources with the site.  Good practice, though!

For me, today was a great learning experience on working with WordPress: themes, learning how to add pages, changing colors, adding photos, basic formatting, and has made me a believer that I can produce a functional website (poor content and formatting choices aside!).

Going forward, it is clear that there is much left to accomplish, even just correcting the content already produced.  In the next few days, I will avoid writing personal learning articles, and focus on creating some flagship content for the site, fleshing out the “start here” page, adding some mini-tutorial like articles in-depth explaining how to choose a niche, or getting started on WordPress, and hopefully create a dozen or so articles before I attempt to learn new skills like monetizing through Google AdSense, or installing plugins or other ideas.

I will rally back in a few days and write another blog post on what I’ve been up to and have learned.

Until then!



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