My First Website Article

Welcome to The Niche Blog!

At the time of writing, this website does not exist, but only a few words on a basic text editor.

The intended purpose for this website is simple: to generate more revenue than expenses, and to teach myself and the reader how to create passive income through creating niche websites! I started writing these words a few minutes after I purchased this domain name, , which I was savvy enough to pay only twelve dollars for the domain and a year of economy hosting on Pictures later!

Thus, it doesn’t seem that I will have any more expenses for the year, except for my personal time. Before the date of renewal, for this site to be considered a success: I should create enough passive income to cover the twelve dollars, a bonus for my time, and enough money to cover increased monthly hosting expenses, after this first year of reduced hosting expenses.  At this point in time, it seems very daunting to transform words on my computer into any form of income, so this is a personal challenge to create a new method of income for myself.

How did I get here?

I have been obsessed with the idea of creating a passive, or at least work-from-home, income stream for a long time. I have no real qualifications or expectations for this idea, other than I have the most basic computer, internet access, and too much free time.  Without going into great detail about myself, I have tried before to create websites or business ideas, only to experience failure or no results.

So, this does not represent my first attempt, but perhaps a first attempt after many failures. I am ashamed to admit that I have purchased more than one URL with grand intentions just to fizzle out.

Well, here I am, writing the least novel idea in niche websites: a niche website about my experiences creating niche websites. Why? Well, for starters – content. Since I am actively researching and thinking about creating an income stream through a niche website; my experiences are an easy way for me to write content that is original enough. It seems more difficult to start out building the ultimate niche website that generates a million dollars through Google AdSense, or writing articles on some obscure product to generate affiliate revenue, without first learning the process.

What should I do now?

I am a novice, this website will help me learn first – best practices, content strategies, SEO – before implementing another idea with a more difficult theme. Perhaps then I may even write about the experience here, and frame it as a learning project!  As of this moment, there is much to accomplish to actually create a website. I hope to break the process down into tutorial-lite articles, launch a WordPress theme, and write enough content to create the most basic of places!

More to come!

Staring at a Blank Page.

5 minutes has passed since I wrote my first blog post. Feeling pretty good about it! Still, there are no graphics or a website! At this point, I know that I need enough content to call it a website, before diving deep into the C-Panel and uploading a WordPress Theme with only placeholders. Writing content is difficult!

Especially now, not having a solid understanding of how it will appear, or how to integrate and format this content into some future theme. The biggest advice I have for myself, is that it does not have to be perfect. Try to write original words with only a few mistakes, editing can come again later.

I am sure every niche entrepreneur experiences this exact moment. Here we are, URL in hand (way to go!), wondering to myself if this is truly a worthwhile project, or a waste of time. Now is the time to second guess all of my decision-making to this point. This too shall pass!

We try to think about what could have come, the opportunity cost of doing this project versus another. Personally, my thoughts at this moment were conflicted between starting this idea, or just diving headfirst into creating some type of travel blog brand or disaster. But, I narrowed down this URL among other available options: , , , , , , , or my personal favorite –, and .

Well, what is done is done! Second guessing time is over! Now is the time to write content, not knowing how all the pieces will fit together. My goal is to write a beginner’s guide on starting a niche website, this will give the audience somewhere else to go besides this blog. We can start with easy topics that I should know already! What is a niche website, how to pick a good URL, that sort of thing.

Not very engaging content, but there is a niche for it!!

The Next Afternoon

I spent the late hours of the night attempting to write cornerstone type content for the website, and fell asleep with two short ~ 500 word blog posts; with one incomplete, poorly formatted, and hacked together how-to article. What have I gotten myself into? Who would read this inept attempt at copy pasta word salad? I have come to the conclusion that I should choose a theme, and learn the formatting conventions for it, as writing articles with only a text editor (not even Word!), seems to just be incomplete without seeing it in action.

Today, the goal is to choose a theme, learn to install in the hosting C-panel, and upload these few blog posts to call it a website. Real content later! Let’s hope I can cobble together a few articles so that a personal blog is not the main content! I’ll leave this file open.. to collect words.. and thoughts on how to do this effectively.

So far, after logging into the hosting account at, clicking “set up” has prompted me to choose data centers, and whether to install WordPress. Easy enough. From here, I am greeted with the C-Panel, and now must do some research on themes and install methods.

Not knowing what I am looking for exactly, here are some WordPress themes that are contenders:



At this point, browsing themes based off this resource:

I realize that it all just looks like pictures.
I will just choose Verbosa and learn about what is necessary afterwards.

Googling how to install a WordPress theme, I came to this resource from GoDaddy:

Logging into WordPress (GoDaddy):

To use WordPress, you need to log in to the WordPress Dashboard.
No matter how or where you set up WordPress, you use the same URL to log in:
http://[your WordPress domain name]/wp-admin, so for me that is

Success! A few minutes and screenshots later, is live on the internet, albeit as a standard WordPress template. I will format all of my posts already and start writing content directly into the editor from now on! Already running into hiccups, as editing anything gives me an update or publishing failed within the WordPress admin. Time to find answers..

Tutorial: How-to Fix ‘Publishing failed’ and ‘Updating failed’ WordPress 5.0 Error

Installing the classic editor as a plugin solved the problem of not being able to update or publish through the WordPress admin panel. I’ve also learned that I can switch themes on the fly, so it’s not as big of a deal about choosing the wrong theme. I feel like I am bombarded with too many options to change and learn, but overall it will be much easier than writing in HTML. I will spend a few hours toying with the editor!

A Few Hours Later

I am now writing these words directly in the WordPress classic editor, through , using the Verbosa theme,

Let’s get some pictures going:

This moment right now.

It’s technically a website.

From here, there is much to accomplish.  There are still some settings and other options to tweak, formatting techniques to learn, content to write; a seemingly growing list to create even the most basic of places.  I took 25 pictures of the process and have another half-written article. I suppose from what I have learned in the past 24 hours, there is enough learning to write a dozen articles, so there is hope for future content!

Article one complete.

Yeah! We will call it that. I’ll come back later and tweak a few settings and formatting choices, and spend the remainder of the evening writing a few how-to articles, perhaps not from a personal perspective!  Still a very long way to go, to create a destination worth visiting.  At this point, I still don’t understand the complete process for certain functions, such as monetizing, search engine optimization, general web design, and many other necessary topics.  In the next few weeks, I will work to create content and develop strategies to earn at least twelve dollars from this website in the next 364 days.

See you on the internet! 


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