The Secret of Successful Niche Marketing Campaigns

To succeed in niche marketing in 2022, you’ll need to use some user-friendly competitive analysis tools to understand what people search online. That way, you can create a site that will provide the exact thing that people want.

In a Hurry? Get These Micro-Niche Keywords Right Away
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How to Write a Guest Post Pitch That Almost Guarantees a Reply

Guest posting is one of the most effective components of an online marketing strategy for multiple reasons. First, it can help introduce your business to a new audience and drive referral traffic to your website, and second, it’s a great link acquisition strategy that can greatly benefit your search engine optimization.  Many people walk on eggshells when talking about links as if they are a taboo topic, but let’s be real: they are important when it comes…

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Is Guest Blogging Still a Viable SEO Strategy?

We’ve all heard the news that Google has declared guest blogging dead, but is it really? Former head of web spam at Google Matt Cutts’s announcement was met with skepticism, and further changes like the new sponsored and UGC (user-generated content) link attributes have only added fuel to the fires of confusion. The reality of the matter is that guest blogging is alive and well as an SEO strategy. We wanted to understand just how prevalent this…

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How Small Businesses Handle Their Editorial Guidelines

Your company’s ability to create high quality content plays an integral role in boosting your brand’s online credibility and expertise. The perception that your content is well-crafted to specific standards helps readers know what to expect when they encounter your blog, website, frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, or other digital assets as they are seeking out educational or informational content.  Given that small business marketing experts are prioritizing an expanded role of content marketing relative to other…

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Is Content Marketing The Same As Copywriting?

I’ve been in the ad business for two decades, and in that time, I’ve seen the growth of technology facilitate the rise of digital media and its subsequent conquest over traditional media. When I first began my career, copywriting was something ad creatives did and content was something tv networks did. But the rules have changed. Now, any company or individual can write copy and create a piece of content, and digital marketing has allowed businesses of…

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Is There a Right Way to Repurpose Content?

Using a Hybrid Method When I repurpose content, I use a hybrid method. I use tools like Later, Hootsuite, or CoSchedule to schedule all graphic or image posts. My favorite tool is CoSchedule because it comes with a tool called ReQueue. This tool will take evergreen content and automatically schedule it to post many times in the future. This works great if your content does not expire, and the information will always be accurate. I upload my…