Disclosure Policy

Affiliate site common-sense caution

While it is wise for visitors to any review site to approach all product recommendations with a healthy dose of skepticism, it would be a mistake to believe that all reviews are invalid simply because the reviewer may be compensated. To protect our readers, we try to incorporate the following safeguards into our reviews:

1. A substantial number of the evaluations provide a wealth of information that is easily verifiable. We always make an attempt to deliver an accurate, candid assessment.

2. The review includes a subjective summary section. This is based on the reviewer’s direct personal experience.

3. We attempt to determine the general consensus about individual items by reading product reviews on other websites and user testimonials. We strive to convey that overall perception in our reviews.

4. In our reviews, we always include links to the manufacturer’s website for more information. Customer testimonials, more precise product data, sales information, free newsletters, and even samples are all examples of information that might be provided.

These are proper guidelines to follow and which we regard as best practices. As a consumer, it is crucial to understand the relationship between the person writing the review and the manufacturer.

If a review site does not have a disclosure policy, the reviewer may be breaking the law.

We hope you gain valuable and meaningful knowledge as a direct result of our in-depth reviews and articles. We appreciate any input that could aid us in improving your user experience.

Legal-ish stuff

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