How Can Video Animation Help My Content Marketing Strategy?

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Looking for new ways to market your brand? Debating whether to place an ad in the local paper or use a flashy pop-up on your website? You might be surprised to hear us say that you should do neither! Instead, give yourself a competitive edge by investing in video marketing for your business. Use animated videos to build brand awareness, explain complex ideas in an engaging way, connect with your target audience, and propel yourself ahead of the competition!

If you want to spice up your digital marketing plan with some fascinating video content but don’t have the funds to hire a film studio and production staff, animated content is a great alternative. There are several advantages to including animation in your content marketing strategy.

To be successful, your video needs to appeal to your target audience while also conveying the proper themes. In this article, we’ll go over how using animated videos in your content marketing campaigns can help you reach your goals and what to consider as you go through the video production process.

Animated Videos and Content Marketing Strategy

Let’s first explore how to incorporate eye-catching animated videos into your content marketing strategy to obtain favorable results.

Make a Memorable and Lasting Impression

So you have created compelling copy to entice and engage your audience, but how many of them will read it? Only a few of them. Written types of content like blog posts, articles, and press releases used to be effective tools for reaching potential customers and getting them interested in your new product, but today folks prefer visual content like animated explainer videos that are less time-consuming and easier to consume on the go. Shorter attention spans mean you only have a split second to catch their eye and get your point across, which is why video truly excels.

Unfortunately, the secret is out about the effectiveness of video, meaning you’ll likely have to do something to cut through the noise and differentiate yourself from the competition. The use of animation is a great way for you to pump up your content and take it to the next level. Using animated videos can help you to leave a lasting impression on your audience, and a lasting impression is one step of the way towards winning a conversion.

Easy to Comprehend

When you’re conversing about complex topics or products, explaining them through text can be a pretty daunting task. Even with the help of a more visual type of content like infographics, walls of text and simple images can only do so much to explain your point. Animation is uniquely suited to help you describe your ideas clearly and simply, especially since it’s almost always cheaper than shooting complex live-action videos.

Boost Conversion Rates

There is a 100% increase in the time consumers spend on a website rather than leaving the site when video content is present. Furthermore, a whopping 64% of viewers are more inclined to take some sort of action after seeing a video, be it filling out a contact form or making a purchase. When it comes to your marketing efforts, can you afford NOT to employ some type of video?

Fun to Watch and Entertaining

Like animated children’s films and cartoons, animated marketing videos attempt to captivate viewers via the use of amusement and inventiveness. Consumers are more receptive to animation than traditional commercials because they perceive it to be more in line with its intended purpose—entertainment—than a marketing tool.

Animation is a fantastic medium for conveying ideas and building relationships with an audience since it can be anything from realistic and factual to fantastical and inventive. It’s an excellent platform for expressing your company’s unique character.

Can Be Easily Updated

In today’s highly competitive digital market, it is essential to demonstrate your ability to evolve with the times and maintain your relevance, particularly if you work in a dynamic field like technology. Your marketing content and messages should be revised to reflect this.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your content interesting, animated video is a fantastic option. Rather than having to reshoot an entire live video if you want to modify the message or the aesthetics to appeal to a new audience, you can do so quickly and cheaply with animation by updating a single scene.

Easy to Distribute

Sending lengthy emails is a strenuous task in itself. Also, sending links to your blogs or other forms of text resources to your audience is a big turn-off in this era.

In this case, animated videos can be pretty beneficial. You can easily embed them in your emails or your landing page and blogs too. You can also upload them on video hosting platforms like Vimeo or YouTube and earn a handful amount from it by turning on the monetization.

Hear From Industry Experts

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Important Points to Remember When Using Animation for Content Marketing

If you are all set to jump on this bandwagon, kudos to you! However, there are a handful of things you need to keep in mind; these are:

Keep it short and sweet

Nobody likes watching long videos. Make a precise and engaging animated video for your audience that interestingly delivers your core message. We highly recommend keeping the video for not more than two minutes.

Add a powerful CTA

Make sure to include a CTA in your animated video. It should be engaging enough to motivate the viewer to take action.

Offer necessary information

Your animated video should revolve around your brand and its offerings. Avoid giving out unnecessary information.

Keep a persuasive tone

You should know that customers are very demanding by nature, and they pay attention to the smallest details. These small details can help to prompt your viewer to take action.

Use high-quality animations

One thing you need to make sure that the quality of your animation should be top-notch. From animation to voice-over, everything should be of good quality.

All Things Considered

It’s common knowledge that content marketing evolves periodically. It appears to be trending toward visual expression. Because of this, you should consider using animation in your content marketing approach. To what extent is this true? Who can say? When things aren’t looking good for your company, the animation may help turn things around and improve sales.

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