What Niche Marketing Really Is

It’s a terrible and cruel truth of life that big companies have unlimited resources to market and sell their goods. In contrast, smaller companies have advertising budgets that are so meager that they can’t possibly match the amount big companies spend on paper clips in a month. In any case, it’s impossible to compete with the big boys. So, what should we do?

Our solution is to use niche marketing. We can’t market our products and services to the entire world, but we don’t need to make a decent income on the Internet.

Niche marketing is the sale of specialized goods or services to a select group. Anyone with a computer, Internet access, and a good idea can start an online business and target the people most likely to buy their products. What’s more, anyone can do it on a shoestring budget.

Finding the correct market for your product isn’t difficult.  Who would love what you have to offer? Think about what you’re selling.  For instance, if you develop a shampoo recipe that removes chlorine from hair, you cannot compete with the major firms that sell shampoo, but you can target a niche market of people who own swimming pools. You get a domain, set up a server, and create a website to promote your product only to people who own pools.

To put it simply, niche marketing is selling products and services to the people who want them the most.

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